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Top 10 Reasons Black People are Broke!

  •    1. Well, This is obvious....Black people in the U.S. have had 400 year late start. Not only that but an estimated 5          to 20 TRILLION was taken with no compensation.

        2. Social constructs in laws, policies, & procedures that are rooted in racism. Not saying that every Peron in a               position of power uses these stereotypical views when making decisions however when you analyze the               data it can be easily show that someone defiantly sees color.

        3. No interest in financial education. This is a big one!! It's one thing struggle financially, it's another to be broke          and have more interest in social media,T.V. & Sports than building wealth.

        4. Content with looking like money instead of actually having money! Cell phones, Cars, houses, cloths are all              liabilities! If they cannot flow back cash your way they are not adding to you or your family.

         5. Culturally not understanding how to re-cycle money. On average every group in the U.S. spends money with             others that look like them at least 10 times! This means that blacks have access to an estimated                             1.2  Trillion dollars but very little black owned businesses to spend with.

         6. Giving value to the wrong things. Many parents support athletics as a way to wealth, even though the odds of           signing a major pro contract is slim to none. This steers children away from be entrepreneurs,                                 chemist, engineers, farmers and other lucrative careers.

         7. Weapons of mass "Distraction" The recent onslaught of social media platforms have form millions of                         pretenders. People are literally homeless on facebook giving advice & taking pics with their family but                       in real life their going through hell. If this is you.....get off social media and developed a plan then stick to it.

         8. Most black people are trained consumers. I have seen black people receive hundreds of thousands...and blow          it all shopping! This is a fact. Instead of investing one dime, they go straight to the car lot. If you happen to              get your had on a lump sum, please study and learn to invest some of that money on something that flows              cash back to you.

         9. Most of us do not know the value of ownership. We give ideas away because we do not want to go through               the trouble of owning, controlling or producing anything.

         10. Afraid to invest money and leave the safety of your job. This is a hard one because we all have                                responsibilities, but I know several people that have a great idea, the work ethic, & the self discipline                        to be full time investors or entrepreneurs. They make the fatal mistake of staying around broke,                              negative, miserable people. Don't miss your blessing!


    Is this list accurate? What did we leave off? What do you think???