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  • Accuracy, precision and perfection are imperative when writing a professional college essay. The success of any international student relies largely on how these three characteristics are expressed in their writing. However, international students find it quite difficult to meet these requirements.

    Maybe this short story can help you understand why;

    Back in Hong Kong, Li’s parents were still celebrating the academic success of their son. Li had been admitted to a reputable university to study engineering and technology. He had come up with a machine that was meant to reduce the consumption of fuel by up to 60%. His scholarship was catering for everything including meals and accommodation. Li’s parents looked up to their son knowing very well that he would make the best of the opportunity.

    However, Li was in trouble. He had been failing in all his write-ups. The teachers pointed out one mistake – language issues. Li had great ideas but he could not express them in writing. With English as his second language, he could not seem to communicate well with his tutors who were native speakers.

    Li received the first warning letter regarding his performance. He could not share this information with his parents or anyone at school. He was even forced to stop working on his robotics project since he was only able to do the practical. One of his friends was a girl from China and she seemed to be doing quite well. He shared his problem with her and she told him of this professional writing company that offers amazing services.

    When he opened the website, Li was impressed and he decided to try out the company. Every sentence described his problem and he decided to try out a free 100 word preview. He realized that the only way to make it in writing is to hire a professional service. So he followed the steps listed in the website and hired a writer.

    Li made out several conclusions at the end of the service;

    • A professional essay writing company is willing to connect you to a professional writer. Considering that we provided Li with one, we can also provide you with a writer in any subject. Our pool of writers covers all academic fields.
    • Communication is constantly flowing for professional companies.
    • Professional companies provide direct access to the writer. One can even trace how the paper is proceeding at every stage.
    • He later told the friend that “a professional writing service offers to do my essay continually”. In other words, the service was not just a one-time thing. The company not only provided a perfect paper, but they related all his ideas in a manner that he could not.

    We are sharing this story because Li allowed us to post it here. As a company, we are focused on quality and we will not relent.  

    Li’s Advice;

    “Do not just take my word, try out the company and you will be amazed.”

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