• For many students, the dissertation is the most important part of academic writing. The student is expected to do the entire course. The student should therefore, be fully prepared in order to face this task in order to obtain high marks and prove one`s qualification after graduation.A small percentage of the students can manage to write a full thesis on their own, but the rest need dissertation essay help because they find it difficult to come up with a new thing on the field. Marking differs from one course to another; some may account up to 70% of the total marks. Therefore, if a studentfeels he or she doesn`t need dissertation writing essay help and wish to work on their own, then the following tips may be useful:

    • Well planned structure-get help from your supervisor and put down into drafts to help you refine later. This process comprises much rewriting and reworking of the chapters many times, so it needs concentration and more effort in order to achieve the best.
    • Avoid plagiarism-if quoting from another source, make sure you paraphrase it accurately to support your argument. If you properly follow this rule, unfortunately, you will avoid plagiarizing another.
    • Capture readers attention-remember that this is your only chance to present your work in the best possible not forget how you put your paragraphs and the entire writing to impress the reader.
    • Use ideas instantly-work on each chapter while it’s still fresh in mind draft it down and come back to it later. Working at the moment helps when you are being interrupted by the surrounded. Avoid using words which do not give a clear understanding; this will affect the flow of your work.
    • Quote carefully from other sources-ensure you note everything carefully, in the case where the italic emphasis is used check if it’s in the original and carefully collect notes for your thesis.

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