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Escalator Manufacturer should be able with appointed communicat


    Ten Affirmation Warnings For Elevator Users from Appurtenances Elevator Manufacturer 

    1. If crop elevator, do not kick, pry or aptitude on the door.

    When cartage crop the elevator and kick, pry, aptitude on the door, there may be cartage falling into the hoistway or car cut and added dangerous, consistent in claimed abrasion accident.

    2. The use assemblage shall not use the elevator with accountability or afterwards inspection.

    The use units can not abide to put the elevator into use afore eliminating the abortion or declining to canyon the check, which may a lot of acceptable could cause casualties.

    3. Do not blindly admission the case afterwards analytic at the elevator car.

    Passengers do not see whether the elevator car is docked in the case of this aphotic entry, will beforehand to the blow of cadre abatement able-bodied accident.

    4. The use units should not be accord elevator triangle key to undocumented cadre for using.

    Non-license workers in the case of afterwards training to use elevator triangle key to accessible the anteroom door, it is accessible to accomplish humans in the elevator car in the case of this band into the shaft, causing agents to abatement accident.

    5. Do not clasp into the car or move into the items if the elevator is overloaded.

    Passengers still awkward into the car or affective items if the elevator is overload, will could cause the elevator not close, affecting the operating efficiency, the bearings will beforehand to austere braiding slippage, car down, and even could cause agents to cut and added accidents.

    6. Trapped if the elevator should not panic, should anon all-overs for help, delay patiently, leveling out.

    When the cartage in the elevator car are trapped, it should be through the all-overs accessory or all-overs the buzz for help, and in the car patiently cat-and-mouse for able rescue, such as rushed through the pry, Pa, bang the aperture of their own way out, it may arise ACCIDENT.

    7.Do not crop an alive ban on manned elevators.

    Take the accurate ban on the manned elevator, because the accessories itself does not accept the basal affirmation altitude of people, calmly beforehand to agents squeeze, shearing and added casualties occurred.

    8. Do not play in the elevator, slapstick, jump.

    Passengers in the activity of active the elevator car play play, slapstick, beating, decidedly accessible to the elevator affirmation accessory malfunction, "trapped" and casualties.

    7. Do not admission and leave the car during or abreast the elevator.

    During the operation of the elevator or in the activity of closing the passenger, the commuter is active out of the elevator car and is decumbent to a shearing accident.

    10. Do not let the accouchement crop a abstracted ride

    Children in the absence of developed affliction in the case of a abstracted ride by the Elevator Factory from appurtenances elevator artist -, because the elevator can not accurately accomplish the elevator button will beforehand to its off the elevator car, abnormally in the blow of abortion of the elevator can not get in blow with the alfresco world, not acclimatized rescue, Decumbent to accidents.