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Keep a traditional diary for your trades

  • Most traders keep a record of their trades. They do not know how they can improve their trades and one of the best ways is to keep a record of what you have done in the past markets. These records are kept in a diary and this article will tell you why you need to use a traditional diary than a digital notebook. Every trader as getting modern and they are trying to get the latest from the technology. They are using the software even to automate their trading. It does not surprise us when they try to overlook traditional diary and keep their records in digital notebooks. There are many advantages that you cannot get in the modern notebooks and if you read this article. You will know why you need to use traditional diary even in the modern world.


    The new trades always look for the best use of technology. But some things are best when it used in the traditional way. For instance, in the past, the retail traders used to keep a record of their trades in the paper. But due to the recent technological advancement, people are following digital trading journal which does all the necessary calculations for the traders. Even the traders don’t need to put any entry into their digital ledger.


    When you make things fully automated you have to compromise many important elements. Due to this fact, the experienced professionals always prefer traditional dairy in the Forex trading industry. They keep a record of their trade in an old-fashioned way and assess their trade result during the weekend. At times, you must understand old is gold.


    You can write down anything important

    The best benefit of using traditional diary is you can write down anything that comes to your mind. This is the most important part that many traders miss. As you row experiment in this industry by trading in different markets, your mind begins to expand and you understand the market form different in broader views. Many things can come to your mind and you may think you can remember it all the time. This is not true and you will forget them after some time. If you have a diary, you can write anything that comes to your mind. In the digital notebook, you cannot write as you want and there are many restrictions. If you want to draw a curve of what has happened and how the trend has changed, it will take a long time in notebooks but you can do it instantly in the diary. Digital diary only allows you to write what they want in their given space but in dairy, you are free to write whatever you want. It can be from the trends to the strategy to everything.


    Your mind is the electricity in your diary

    The most amazing benefit that people get to feel when they are writing a diary is they do not need any electricity. Our lives have become dependent on electricity so much that we cannot do anything without it. Even if your smartphone has less charge, you cannot read this article if you do not plug it into a charger. Diary does not need anything and you can write on the go. If you are traveling abroad and you want to write down about some trends, the diary is your best solution. They are easy to carry and easy to write. You think what you want to write and it will be there.


    You can look back at your records anytime

    It is also possible in digital diaries but in the traditional diary, you can explore the reasons why you failed. There is no limit and you can write every small thing. All the professional traders keep a traditional diary with them always because they write whenever they learn something new. It is also your library of knowledge.