It is worth noting

  • It’s worth noting, however, that Auto Battle is only available for two hours per day for Buy MapleStory M Mesos free. After that, you’ll need to buy Auto Battle Tickets if you want to continue to use this feature in MapleStory M.

    MapleStory M has finally released and it’s time to get to leveling up within the game. This time, you’re able to do this from wherever thanks to the modern power of your smartphone. The staples that fans know and love are all here, including mounts. Here’s how to use mounts in MapleStory M.

    First and foremost, you start off with a giant pig. It’s adorable and awesome and perfect. You naturally will get the pig as you do a couple of the first preliminary quests you’re given when you start up the game and pass the tutorial. It will automatically be equipped at the end of the quest, but I’ll go over how to do this, too.