Maplestory is a free-to-play

  • My private school classmates called my pastime “weird” and uncool, and they said it was all the weirder for a girl to be so engrossed in an online game. Halfway through high school, I finally abandoned Maplestory and felt convinced that my judgmental classmates were right and that I had wasted years of my life. I hadn’t participated on sports teams or won competitions, like they had, so I felt like I had nothing tangible to show for the years I dedicated to a game. It felt embarrassing and depressing. But, as an adult looking back on all of MapleStory M Mesos this, I don’t think that way anymore.

    Maplestory is a free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG that invites players to explore Maple World, where they can defeat monsters, complete quests, and advance in their class, skills, and abilities. Beyond slaying monsters and exploring the ever-expanding and updating world, you can also trade, chat, and form guilds with other players around the world.