Now the dribble is longer

  • Former NBA player Tim Hardaway recently accepted an interview and expressed his views on the difference between the current and the original dribble in the league.

    When talking about his favorite ball-handling player in the league, Hardaway said it was the Celtics player Kyrie Irving.

    "Owen," Hardaway said. "Because he can hit the shot in the end."

    For the difference between the current and past dribble, Hardaway believes that the main problem is the ball control time.

    "There are a lot of players who are currently dribbled a bit too much, instead of NBA Live 19 Coins rushing directly to the rim to attack, they will sway their opponents by dribbling, but you also know that we were not allowed to dribble for too long. Said Hardaway.

    "The coaches at the time would say, ‘You can’t run the ball for 24 seconds, or you’ll be down the bench.’ Now the coaches can let the players play the ball for 24 seconds, and sometimes they can get another 24 seconds after getting the rebound.”

    "I just think that they sometimes dribble too much." Hardaway said with a smile.