McKenna and Carrick are now playing the role of Faria

  • Man City Evening News" pointed out that the assistants Carrick and Kiran McKenna are playing an increasingly important role in the assistance and assistance to Mourinho. Mourinho has had a few shadows after losing 18 years of teaching assistant Faria last season, and in the past 18 years, the two have completed a total of 25 trophies feats, showing the foundation of  LOLGA Faria and Mullini The cultivation behind the Olympics.

    However, McKenna and Carrick are now playing the role of Faria. Carrick is still a Manchester United meritorious person. He is suitable for this position. In the face of the unsatisfactory start of FUT 19 Coins the season, Manchester United has not been pressured by the industry and the market. Carrick said: "Nearly The weekly team faced some difficulties in the game, but we are mainly researching the business, seeking more ways to score on the court, and working hard to create more opportunities and think more ways.

    In the five seasons of the new club and two national teams, the state-famous Azar is not contributing goals or offering assists. After the hat-trick on Saturday, Azar has scored five Premier League games in the new season. 5 goals, plus the national team is 7 games and 7 goals.