Before the start of the season

  • Before the start of Buy FIFA Coins the season, Bayern Munich, who completed the preseason preparations, was very happy because they had a long-lost "full staff" after the start of the new season, which means that there was no injury or illness at the time. Start the new season with the full main line and the reserve lineup. However, Bayern lost the Koman in the Bundesliga opener, and the game Toriso and Rafinha were injured.

    These three players are very important for Bayern. Coleman as the team's starting main choice this season, the early injury, also forced Bayern still have to trust veteran Ribery and Robben; Toriso gradually found the status, the future In the midfield position, he will be a very important rotation; Rafinha is not the main left-back of the team, but only one of FIFA Coins the main players in Alba is not enough. In the case of multi-line combat, Rafinha is The only substitute for this position.

    After the game, Bayern Munich accepted the interview, and Hernes bluntly said: "Torizo's injury looks very serious. I feel that he may have injured the cruciate ligament. How about Rafinha? I can only be angry. Said that Bellarabi's foul is very bad, but also very stupid! Bellarabi is a very violent action, it should be suspended for 3 months." In addition, Bayern coach Kovacs also accepted an interview. When talking about Toriso's injury, he also admitted that Toriso was injured by cruciate ligament.