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  • My guess is that this will coincide with the Road Trip skin, and that said Road Trip epidermis is going to be more Western-themed in some manner. It helps, of course, fortnite items for sale folks like Westerns and generally talking want to wear dusters. The particulars of this skin are still up in the atmosphere, but I'm hoping for a duster.

    The Blockbuster Skin-- which turned out to be known as"The Visitor--" was a bit of a puzzle. The name made it seem like it had been tied into the film sub-theme of this season, but it turned out to become a kind of alien living inside the Dusty Divot meteorite. I'd expect something similar with Road Trip, and we'll probably have some better guesses as to its roots next week.Here Are All The Leaked Skins And Cosmetics Found In Fortnite's Enormous Season 5 Patch

    Two things occur when a new Fortnite patch comes out. To begin using: a whole lot of stuff. That's to say, the stuff that's from the patch notes and changes in the sport daily. In cases like this, that means map changes, a golf cart, time rifts, a new battle pass, and way more.

    And then there's the things you do not see but downloads onto your computer anyway. These are files that Epic needs from the sport for the next week or 2, even when they aren't clear on the front-end immediately. That means skins: every skin that is coming to the item store in the following two weeks is already in your computer, and it's up to the intrepid dataminers of the Fortnite world to find them.

     Fortunately, there are a bunch of those. Let's look at all of the leaked skins and cosmetics found in the significant season 5 patch. This comes to us through @Diebuddies, a few of the very prolific leakers out there.

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