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RuneScape birthday with great overhaul of skills

  • McClarty says Jagex has been laying the foundations for RuneScape on cellular for a long time, with work on the tech side throughout the last two years also underpinning the new mobile versions and buy OSRS gold making them workable choices.

    McClarty claims that RuneScape provides close enough the specific same experience as its PC counterpart.

    "I would love to believe [Jagex founders] Andrew and Paul Gower might see later on and saw that in 16 years' time cellular would be what it is today and that they chose point and click mechanic because it could lend itself so well to phones," states McClarty. "Happily those two items have aligned and actually the traditional point and click on that we have needed on PC does immediately lend itself to click and point with your finger, which is great.

    "The game itself will probably have all of the content which you can play on PC. So it truly is the entire game, it is not a stripped down pocket version or anything like this. The biggest change is it's just a really high degree UX and UI in terms of the menu, simply to match that size of screen. However, the intention is to have an almost complete similar variant of what you can do on PC." RuneScape's mobile release follows in the footsteps of several of the biggest MMORPGs in Asia that have made similar leaps from PC to mobile.

    Netmarble's Lineage 2: Revolution was able to best site for buying osrs gold successful reimagine the massively successful Lineage PC title into a cell blockbuster -- but maybe more relevant is NCSoft's own Lineage M, a direct port of one of the most prosperous games in the region.It's worked out well for NCSoft -- since its mobile release Lineage M has been the number one leading grosser in South Korea.

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