Where tops and outfits are shunned completely for white dresses

  • Neither Pih nor Villarosa knows when the convention began, however wearing white Mother of the Bride Dresses to graduation isn't explicit to USC or even to school beginning services. It is by all accounts increasingly normal at secondary school graduations, particularly at tuition based schools. At some secondary school beginning functions, female understudies regularly convey a bunch notwithstanding wearing a white dress — the groundwork for which a 2008 New York Times article compared to looking for a wedding dress.

    This custom is maintained by the College of Charleston in South Carolina, where tops and outfits are shunned completely for white dresses and roses. Atlanta-based Spelman College, an all-ladies' school and one of the country's verifiably dark schools and colleges, requires its seniors to wear a white dress to graduation and other authority events www.feeltimes.com. The training is intended to make a uniform appearance and mean "the importance of the occasion." It's been a convention since around 1900.