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  • And afterward there's Goose, who is mysteriously not a goose at everything except rather an enormous chicken Animal Crossing Bells. Like the entirety of the characters, he won't come visit your campground until you have a specific arrangement of things that he wants. For the most part, this implies creating embellishments or household items in accordance with their favored style. Be that as it may, Goose has something more obscure at the top of the priority list, a solicitation that he describes as a "little kindness."

    All things considered, Goose isn't just requesting that you put a hit out on an individual fowl, yet to set up the cadaver for an extravagant repast Is the turkey being referred to a detested enemy, or is this simply some barbarian interest he jumps at the chance to enjoy? As his executioner for-recruit, it would show up it isn't up to you to inquire.