Madden 20 simulation: defense stands out among low points

  • As a way to predict the future, NBC Sports Washington conducted a Madden simulation of the Ravens 2020 season. Every day, we will publish the summary and statistics of the new game in the scheduled 2020 opponent list. This is good news for players who like the Madden series of video games. If you want to get better results, you can consider buying some MUT Coins, which can make you enjoy more fun.

    We do n’t know the order yet, but we already know the opponents of each Ravens team for the 2020 NFL season. Their cross conference division opponents will come from NFC East this fall, and in our simulation, they opened the season to host the New York Giants.

    In their first Super Bowl title against the Ravens, the Giants hope to beat the top overall seed in 2019 in the playoffs. They managed to maintain the victory of the game, but the Ravens' defense finally won with a 7-3 victory and began their journey to another division champion.

    In the first game of the game, Matthew Judon just signed the label to join the team and stay in Baltimore for another season. He burst into the backcourt and lost three yards to Saquon Barkley. The Ravens were under pressure in the next two games, forcing the three to go out and start the game.

    This order set the tone for Baltimore's defense. The unit ranked second in high-energy offense in 2019, but the key to starting the 2020 season 1-0. In dealing with Baltimore's strong defense, New York was only dragged down by a nonexistent running game for 157 yards. Saquon Barkley only ran for five yards in five attempts in the game because he has been behind the fight.

    By the end of the first quarter, the Giants were moving low, but Marcus Peters made an excellent offense in the third and first positions. The Giants' fast pass game has led to many long journeys, but the Ravens have been able to suppress their territory. Once, Judon recorded a huge sack in the third quarter, pushing them into the field goal range. Another time, Earl Thomas showed his skills after intercepting in the end zone.

    In the last game, they forced the second and final error of the game, Justin Ellis forced him to take off his clothes, and Brandon Williams proposed a recovery plan. Jackson started badly. Time and time again in the first half, Jackson's accuracy was greatly reduced in the short pass. Even if he did manage to put the ball down, his catcher didn't help him. Mark Ingram rushed for 6 yards in just six attempts in the first half, and he couldn't get any help from the running game.

    But in the second half, Jackson began to push the ball to the low field, paying a large dividend for the offense. Jackson was later helped by the receiver again, and near-end scorer Mark Andrews was dragged away in an incredible one-handed game. They are not consistent, but the offense that day showed the next highlight of the season. He also completed three games of 32 yards. I think players watching these games should want to play Madden20 video games, then you must need Madden Coins, I suggest you get it at GameMS, their website has always provided cheap and easy to use MUT 20 Coins.