Some improvements will make Animal Crossing: New Horizons bett

  • Now that Animal Crossing New Horizons has interacted with the audience for some time, the community has honed some of the key features that make it better. These range from overhauling existing machinery to completely implementing new ideas. Although this entry simplifies many fans' favorite features, some mechanisms can be improved through some adjustments.

    This list summarizes some fixes and improvements that can be added to make "New Horizons" more enjoyable.

    The tool is the backbone of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Without them, you will not be able to cut down trees to collect wood, collect bugs, fish or dig fossils. However, your tools will not last forever. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells at IGGM and use this to buy some tools you need in the game. Because most of them are of limited use and will be damaged after a period of time, you have to keep updating. This mechanism is very common in similar games, but what is missing in New Horizons is some kind of gauge that allows you to know how broken the item is. The text meter next to each item is sufficient, and even the visual impact on the item itself is severe, and will deteriorate when used. With such a system, whether you are adventurous on your own island or on another island, you can prepare more easily.

    The overall theme of the new vision issue is usually related to lack of efficiency. Although this entry has been greatly improved from its predecessor in many respects, there are still many mechanisms to improve efficiency. For example, the purchase process may require some work. You can only purchase one Animal Crossing Item at a time, whether you are using Nook Miles in Nook ’s Cranny store or in a resident service. You can buy certain items in bulk, but only five.

    However, the process of buying clothing from Able Sisters is more simplified because you can purchase multiple items at once. However, even doing so has its limitations because you cannot buy multiple items of the same category at once (that is, you cannot buy two shirts at the same time, but you can buy a shirt and a hat at the same time). Ideally, you can select and purchase all the items you need at one time, the number is not limited, of course, the premise is that you have to prepare sufficient Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells, it is recommended that you get it at IGGM. This speeds up the progress and allows you to reach your island faster.