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Animal Crossing online server has failed, and is now back

  • If you recently tried to use any of the online features of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may encounter obstacles by accident. Players everywhere are experiencing server communication errors, which prevents online gaming. I can't communicate with my friends in the game, and my Animal Crossing Bells can't be collected and obtained.

    On Saturday night, you will not be able to access other animals to cross the archipelago, nor will you be able to open the gate or reveal the Dodo password to your friends. When I tried to do this at night, my switch displayed an error code: 2219-2502. The Nintendo official website says: "This error code indicates that an error occurred while connecting to the service, which may be the result of a temporary service interruption or a large number of user visits." The server problem seems to be specific to the game, not the entire Nintendo Online problem-at least , I can see what my friends list is doing. The server seemed to be back around 11pm, and I was able to open the door for my friends.

    According to social media posts, the server was down for several hours. Of course, you can stay on the island for a while-the online server is down, but the basic game is OK. You can still use your Animal Crossing Items in the game to help your island build better.

    What is particularly annoying is that because many people can't go out and socialize now, they rely on animal crossing to socialize. Then this failure may affect them, but fortunately, the failure is better.