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I have 80,000 animals crossing Nook Miles, and there is nothin

  • When I started “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”, every Nook miles Ticket I earned was thrilled, and it was difficult for them to accumulate. There will always be fresh things to unlock or buy, and there is another thing worth looking forward to. Now that we are about to reach the two-month mark of the game’s release, these same views are being useless.

    This is weird because the Nook Miles plan is an excellent addition to New Horizons. I like that the game brings me mini-challenges. These challenges make it impossible for me to try without prompting. Sometimes I can't stop the game because I'm close to completing a mini-question, and it pops a task that me can clear without effort up.

    I particularly like the update of Animals Crossing Earth Day, which introduces extra challenges and new content. They are also unusual challenges-I have a lot of points to put a flower on my hair, not just create a random DIY recipe. But these challenges lasted for more than a week, after which, I stayed with the usual suspects again. Cut down trees. Catch five fish. Take a picture. I will do it, but it is strange to return to the same age after experiencing some cool challenges.

    But the bigger problem is that although the plan does a brilliant job of fascinating you, the rewards are not meeting my needs. It’s been several weeks since I purchased all DIY recipes and upgraded from the Nook Miles store. I even bought something I did n’t want, just to make things interesting. I buy a ticket to Mystic Island every day to see what I can get, but more often, it spits out basic food using my local fruits and common fish that I can find on my island. I can still buy these tickets, because the bottle may send a message in the bottle, and the guaranteed furniture prevents the trees from shaking, but the cost does not seem to be worth it. I often get copies of DIY recipes or bad furniture that I am not interested in. I am happy to spend all the Nook Miles on villager hunting, but because the island is full of isolated islands, there is no uncomplicated way to move the character out and get stuck by what I have.

    For some players, the lack of in-game purchase options is not a problem. In the broader economy, fans often charge each other Nook Miles tickets to enter their own islands, or use them to buy items and DIY recipes (if they are not villagers). However, personally, I found that island-hopping with strangers almost made the game trivial-if I could get a meteor shower every night. Is it really that special? If I can find the seller to achieve every item I want, do I still have a reason to start the game every day? I’m afraid to find out.

    Based on my conversations with other players, it seems that I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Although New Horizons ’game structure is checked every day, Polygon ’s multiple staff members have thousands of Nook miles Tickets that they do n’t pay attention to. My only hope is that in the future, the Animal Crossing update will transform the Nook Miles store so that we can not only buy new products, but also provide our high-end customers with more expensive options. In fact, even if Animal Crossing is not updated next, it will transform the Nook Miles store. Our players still have a way to solve it. It is bought at IGGM. Most of the Buy Bells Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing Nook miles Tickets you want here can be obtained.