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Nintendo performed the theme song of the virtual game “Animal C

  • Recently, Nintendo’s official account uploaded a video, mainly showing the re-created health, soothing tropical theme. This theme will be played every time you start the game, and then you can continue to explore your island life. The music theme of this game is free, and players need not spend Animal Crossing Bells or Nook miles Ticket to purchase it, which is why many players are looking forward to this music theme!

    The video has been edited to clearly show you which instruments were used, which differs from Cowboy Bebop’s recent home performance at the opening ceremony. But similar to the Cowboy Bebop video, the performance shared by two identical musicians.

    On March 20, Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out, and it has been sold 11 million times by the end of March. Because the coronavirus pandemic isolates many of us from loved ones, the game provides a way to not get bored during these hard times, and players can also socialize in the game, which is too long for those at home. People are very useful.

    Players became very creative in the game, creating their own mock trailers for horror movies, recording their island life and progress through diaries, and even celebrating their birthdays. There was an Animal Crossing late-night talk show that allowed Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert to grab money, and the Detroit Lions even used the game to announce their entire 2020 schedule. On the other hand, players know that Buy Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket is an indispensable part of the entire game. Players can use this to complete many tasks, and this is also very difficult to get. Here I think players can try to play in the game currency got from the mall, such as IGGM. Because the products there are always top-notch, suitable for novice game players.