About how to create your own music festival in “Animal Crossing

  • Animal crossing: New Horizons is a playground you can imagine, especially when you are moving far enough to unlock the terrain. If you buy items such as Animal Crossing Bells from Nook’s Cranny warehouse with Nook miles Ticket, full use craftsmanship, and group villagers'houses and trees together, you can create enough open space to build anything you need. Anything, including the cutest music festival of all time: Nook Fest 2020.

    1. Set up the stage. The first thing you want to sort is the stage area. Considering that it is located on an island, the beach may be the best option, although you can also set up a raised platform in the middle of the open space. In the attraction section, we will introduce how to make the most of the raised cliffs on the island, so you must check this section for more information.

    On the beach, there are actually two options: behind the East Beach or West Beach (depending on the island you originally selected) or the South Bank. The east / west stage has more crowd space, but also takes up a lot of islands space, while the south bank stage has a smaller area but can be cleaner. We prepared the bamboo partition, which is to isolate the rest of the beach. Before finding Zhudao, you need to use Nook miles Ticket first, and then carry as much strap as possible. Continue to harvest to unlock bamboo recipes. You can also find wood, iron and fruit recipes, so do n’t worry.

    2. Purchase musical instruments. Go to the Nook store every day and try to find as many instruments as possible. We picked up the alto saxophone and high-end stereo in this way, and within a certain range, we added rock guitars, amplifiers and street pianos. If the villagers have their own musical instruments, they can send them gifts and make them spam, and sometimes they will throw the rest into the resident service recycling box. All instruments in the game can be played, so if you bring a group of friends together, you can even form a team.

    3. Architectural attractions. If you have ever browsed Vanessa Hudgens ’Instagram feed during Coachella, you will know that the festival is not only about music. Attractions-whether it’s gardens or theme park rides-can make your festival (and island!) Unique.

    You may have noticed that Balthasar found more duplicates in your daily fossils. It’s worth keeping your favorite settings to build a stunning outdoor dinosaur skeleton. You may also need an amusement park-we put our amusement park on the northwest beach, and facilities such as candy machines, climbing walls, marshmallow stalls, elephant slides and tea cup tours can provide entertainment. In addition, any music festival must be equipped with a portable toilet.

    4. Don’t forget the refreshments and food. If you create a second account on the Switch, you can use that account to access your own island, and the second avatar will own your own house, just like us, you can turn it into a cafe or bar. After all, all festival makers need refreshments. You can also Buy Bells Animal Crossing to purchase Stall recipes, which are combined with some easy-to-create food court designs to provide a variety of snacks for people attending concerts. In addition to food courts, you can also use these stalls to create merchandise sellers and display your headline behavior or festival name. You might even design a formal holiday shirt and show the model nearby.

    5. Bring in the villagers! Finally, you will want to tie your villagers with a rope. After unlocking Able Sisters, you can put the design on the wall, and as time goes on, your villagers will start wearing clothes, including festive shirts. If you pursue a specific atmosphere, you can also buy multiples of a product and distribute it to your villagers to ensure they all look the same.

    The above is probably all about the preparation of the concert. You can try it. If Animal Crossing Bells or Nook miles Ticket is not enough, you can get it at IGGM. It is cheap and easy to use. This is recognized.