Path of Exile: Harvest is Stardew Valley and Diablo

  • Path of Exile: The harvest is all about monsters. Literally. As the name implies, the latest alliance and expansion of the ongoing ARPG are all about building your own farm, unless you don't harvest delicious crops when the seeds germinate. On the contrary, when your plants are ready for harvest, they will produce a batch of monsters for you to kill. If you succeed, you can use the condenser to maintain their life in addition to the POE Trade Currency, and use it to create powerful Items.

    Developer Grinding Gear Games realizes that not all players want to play farm games, so every effort has been made to ensure that building and maintaining monster farms is a simple task. GGG is also eager to distinguish this league from the previous Delirium, which is heavily battled, so although there are still a lot of disability, you need to be creative to get the best return.

    Of course, the upcoming Harvest League also means the transformation of skills and fighting style, as well as a lot of new legendary equipment. IGGM has a preview of the new alliance and content of PoE 3.11, so please read the introduction to Harvest at IGGM, and if you want to buy the POE Currency, it is also available here, whether it is now or the upcoming 3.11, IGGM will Prepare the best price for you. The Harvest Alliance is about to start, and you will meet the new NPC Osabi. The superstitious Azmeri was rejected by her people, and her interest in gardening potential inspired her to seek a new identity. She discovered a new area called the Holy Grove, which is an ancient and mysterious garden. To help her seek self-discovery, she asked the exiles to help her realize her farm dream.

    The release date of PoE 3.11 is June 19, 2020 for PC, and the week of June 22, 2020 for Xbox One and PS4. Grinding Gear Games executive director Chris Wilson insists that Harvest's June 19 release date is temporary, and given the global popularity of COVID-19, it is difficult to guarantee the exact release date.