Path of Exile 3.11 expansion may be delayed due to coronaviru

  • All along, Path of Exile has established a robust release schedule due to its fixed frequency of updates and expansions. Path of Exile's update will also prepare different measures in advance to prevent any form of delay. However, the continuing COVID-19 pandemic is a situation that they cannot predict. The team expects that the 3.11 extended version will be released in June, but the specific release date may still be uncertain.

    Many players already know that we have completed 8 of the 13 development cycles, and our team is working hard to quickly adapt to the new working paradigm, but there are some difficulties in working in this way, which reduces the development speed. . Therefore, we have internally postponed the release of the extension from the original release date by a week. But it doesn't matter, players can still stick to it for a while and continue to play 3.10, because there are still a lot of players who have great interest in this alliance, and still continue to get POE Currency and POE Items in it, which makes them happy.

    It is very important for us that we will release high-quality extensions in June, and if we feel that we need to add another one to two weeks, then we will spend some time to do so. Despite our efforts to achieve this goal within the normal 13-week schedule, development has indeed not been as usual in the past few months.

    Grinding Gear pointed out that in the current world situation, everything in all industries is in progress, it is best to be as transparent as possible. Although they did not mention anything in Path of Exile 2, it is reasonable to believe that the development of the sequel to "Dungeon" has also been greatly impacted. We will report when we receive any new information.

    The content of the Path of Exile 3.11 extension is unclear, but as it evolves, Shacknews will always be at the top of this story. Currently, it is tentatively scheduled for release on June 19. At the same time, the development of "Path of Exile: Delusion" on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is still very strong. So before the new expansion, players can purchase the required Path of Exile Currency, POE Exalted Orb and POE Chaos Orb at IGGM. I believe that the products and services here can make you satisfied.

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