Path of Exile: 5 best leagues

  • Path of Exile is regarded by many fans as the most fun game in the genre. This phenomenon is related to the constant update and addition of the game. And most of these additions are in the form of alliances. When you have difficulty in a challenge, you can seek help on, buy POE Currency, the price is very cheap, and the game experience is high.

    5 best: Metamorph
    One of the newest members of Path of Exile is the Metamorph alliance, which is no longer an old speed-oriented alliance.
    When killed, we can harvest organs from certain enemies in the area, and these organs can be combined into a Metamorph leader. Each organ will add new attacks and modifiers to the boss, and transforming elves will also drop items, such as essence or scarab. Although the league may lack the uniqueness of layered meta-progress or game-changing rules, the core mechanics are as interesting as most Path of Exile ’s best leagues.

    4 best: Legacy
    In the 3.0 version of the patch, the last released league is the traditional league. Summarize each league into a mechanism to celebrate the development of the game.
    The league is the backbone of the league, and some league mechanics will be generated in your next area. Up to three can be used at a time, realizing a true mechanical combination. Using Leaguestones is a bit clumsy, and the league time is relatively long. Players can find items left before the neurasthenia in the Reliquary treasure chest.

    3 best: Harbinger
    Harbinger occupied Wraeclast during the Harbinger alliance. These enemies spawn ghosts to kill you and drop a lot of currency fragments when they die. But these fragmentation sometimes cause chaos in the player's hiding place. This alliance introduced the excellent Breachhead map and new currency items. In the new Path of Exile Currency type regulation, players are allowed to re-roll the map to the same layer and re-roll to the next layer or "uniqueness" to another item on the same basis.

    2 best: Breach
    The Breach Alliance is one of the simplest alliances established by Grinding Gear Games. Players can break through the realm of demons, and they must kill breakout monsters as much as possible to keep the portal expanding. These monsters invest a lot of money and unique fragments, which can be combined to make breakthrough stones. These unique maps allow players to fight a certain boss to obtain new unique items. It has an excellent mechanism and a unique influence.

    1st best: Delve
    Since the breakthrough, many leagues have tried to replicate their core game loops, such as Abyss and Legion. However, the best alliance of Path of Exile has nothing to do with opening portals and spawning monsters.
    Delve League introduces a procedural infinite dungeon that players can explore. The farther the player goes, the more dangerous it is, and the more loot is available, and Delve will definitely provide the player with valuable items. It also includes new handicrafts, adding a certain degree of intentionality. After making some balance changes after the release, Delve could easily become the best road to exile ever.