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Path of Exile 2 surprise announcement

  • Grinding Gear Games announced the sequel of Path of Exile 2, and the developers also showed the game ’s first trailer and a 4-minute game preview, which caused a stir among players. No matter in the new and old versions, POE Currency plays an important role, and obtaining POE Currency in the game requires a lot of time and effort. At this time, you can choose to Buy POE Currency on IGGM, which integrates security and discount. .

    The trailer first showed the lending hero to escape his execution, then transitioned to a traditional top-down view, and showed off the game's new enemies and abilities. The dark and terrible enemies of the first game and the surrounding environment seem to be returning, but in the trailer, a character running on the ship is vaguely revealed, speculating that the player may travel to a new distant land this time.

    And Path of Exile 2 will be equipped with 19 new ascending categories, although these categories have the same prototype as the original game Exiles, but the function is different. There will also be a new skill POE Orbs system that replaces the previous skill system and allows players to customize to the same degree without the trouble of the old system.

    "Grinding Gear Games" clearly stated on the Path of Exile 2 website that the game has not yet been released. However, it also mentioned that developers hope to start the beta version as early as the second half of 2020, and the development time of Path of Exile 2 will not reduce the expectations of players for the game. At the same time, with the advent of the new version, IGGM will also bring preferential Path of Exile Currency.