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How Playing Path of Exile Slows the Spread of COVID-19

  • Authorities and leading experts recommend staying at home. But how does this help? How can staying at home, playing PoE, running maps, cultivating PoE Orbs and accumulating POE Currency help to maintain the spread of COVID-19?

    How the virus spreads

    COVID-19 is spread by droplets caused by an infected person's cough or sneeze. If water drops fall into your mouth, nose or eyes, it means that you have been infected and the virus has entered your body system. Symptoms do not appear until two to four weeks, but they are also infectious during the asymptomatic stage. Unless they are tested or the symptoms become obvious, you do not know who is infected in the population.

    Why isolation is the main solution

    Keeping people isolated can keep healthy people in contact with people who are highly contagious. In this way, "bacteria" cannot reproduce at such a rapid rate. There will always be growth, but at least it will slow down. It prevents the facility from being overwhelmed by the sudden increase in patients. They will be able to treat those infected and control possible deaths.

    Therefore, stay at home and farm to Buy POE Currency, or start a backlog of games. Stay at home and avoid nasty viruses floating outside. This is the only time you hear the sound of staying inside playing video games rather than going out. Wash your hands regularly to stay healthy.

    Continue to enjoy Path of Exile safely and comfortably in your own home!