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Path of Exile: Is the Chinese version worth promoting?

  • The Chinese version (PC, PS4, Xbox One) of the popular action RPG Path of Exile is slightly different from the international version. At the same time, some people even called for the introduction of some of these features.

    What makes the Chinese version of PoE unique? Path of Exile is very popular, it is growing. But there are some so-called quality of life features in the Chinese version, but not in the international version. However, there are some benefits. These are things used by Chinese publisher Tencent in China through the action RPG Path of Exile Currency.

    These are popular quality-of-life features in the Chinese version: a "death log" that tells you what caused you to die after death; a video about selecting a subcategory (dominant category) to show you how this category works; help you collect Booty pets; auction houses; possibility to plan paths in the passive skill tree in advance.

    pfSonata criticized these changes: "The quality of life is usually just a euphemism to make the game easier. Obviously, many of these changes make the game more suitable for Chinese players who like more scary MMOs with lottery and nonsense. Reddit does not understand their expectations of the game. If GGG adopts all their suggestions, then the game is garbage. "

    Andreas Bertits, author of MeinMMO, said: These features make PoE easier for beginners, and maybe even easier. And players can Buy POE Currency, POE Trade Currency and other tools on IGGM to avoid some complicated collection process. This mode may attract novices and be excited by hackers' attacks and killings, but hardcore fans who like Path of Exile's difficulty may be delayed.

    Developer studio Grinding Gear Games cannot easily adopt the international version of these changes, otherwise they may annoy the target group. Such adjustments should be made with caution.