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Path Of Exile: Fans missed an important change

  • Previously, Grinding Gear Games announced a patch for the Irration League of Hack and Slays Exile Path (PC, PS4, Xbox One).

    In addition to bug fixes, patch 3.10.1 also introduces an improved view of PoE irrational views. There are also some new effects that can make you more aware of the death modifiers that certain monsters have. In general, many effects can be seen more clearly with patches. In addition, rewards are better distributed. The atlas task can be directly selected through the map device, and the aura effect is greater, no longer affecting the enemy's aura.

    How do players react to the newly updated announcement? Fundamentally, the patch that brings some interesting and important changes is very happy. However, there are criticisms. Because the important point is missing.

    In the delusional area introduced by the new alliance, you have little time to fight monsters and collect rewards. Usually, there is simply not enough time to carry all the items. Therefore, players often have to visit these areas multiple times. This so-called backtracking makes some people uneasy. But at the same time, many players choose to purchase POE Trade Currency on IGGM, which is safe and convenient.

    There was some information that asked developers to determine whether the timer could not be adjusted so that you have enough time to collect rewards. So far, this has not happened. The patch just announced will not change the timer.

        Steam said that despite the criticism, the new League Delirium is still popular with PoE enthusiasts. Other add-ons for Path Of Exile will be released soon. Let's see how players receive these. And next year we are about to usher in Path Of Exile 2, POE players can Buy POE Currency on IGGM as early as possible to make full preparations for the next version.