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Path Of Exile: Top Ten Most Boss (Part 1)

  • Like any excellent dungeon crawler, Path Of Exile includes hundreds of monsters to kill. Throughout the campaign and the endgame, players will encounter a variety of monsters and leaders. They will drop unique loot, such as POE Orbs, POE Currency, for more crazy construction. If the player wants to reach the goal, it will take time to build the theory and master the boss mechanism. From the boss at the beginning of the game to Sirius himself, here are the ten most difficult bosses in Path Of Exile.

    1 Brutus, Lord Incarcerator
    Brutus is the boss player halfway through the first act. The characteristic is that the attack speed is slow, but the damage caused by the attack is quite large and covers a large area. Halfway through the battle, Brutus will summon hordes of skeletons and raise spikes from the ground. If players do not adjust their positions often or suffer heavy losses, then in the face of such a powerful force as Brutus, many attempts will be required to defeat them.

    2 Yugul, Reflection Of Terror
    Cold is Yugul's specialty and can freeze anyone who lacks 75% cold resistance. If he doesn't freeze you, the player will follow a lot of balls and cause a lot of damage. Later in the battle, Yugul will make his own copy to make this battle more punitive for melee characters or low statures.

    3 Omniphobia, Fear Manifest
    In the higher rounds of Simulacrum or 100% Mad Maps, players may stumble upon fear of heights. This boss can immediately kill most players with a powerful slam, has greater health than The Shaper and Elder, and can instantly restore all health and energy shields.

    4 Uber Elder
    Uber Elder is seen as a good test of player skills and construction feasibility. This battle combines the battle of elders and shapeshifters with some new mechanics. During the game, older servants will often appear, which requires a good integration between the mob and boss management, attractive and fair.

    5 Bameth, Shifting Darkness
    His Vaal Detonate Dead skill caused every corpse nearby to explode in a huge chain. This will immediately kill most buildings, even those with more than 10,000 health and energy shields! The best chance to avoid this is to kill Bameth before it has a chance to turn the map into a nuclear explosion.

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