Path Of Exile microtransactions

  • Grinding Gear Games has released its most popular list of microtransactions, "sorted by number of purchases rather than their contribution to overall sales." The most important thing in the armor list is the hell armor set. Its advantage is that it can be sold for five years, but it is still "absolutely popular in the community" when it is launched. The Path of Exile Currency plays a vital role throughout the game. It revolves around various spheres and reels, playing specific functions in the creation and enhancement of character equipment, or allowing the reorganization of the character's passive skill tree in the case of regretful spheres.

    There is a theme in most categories, such as "wing" is very popular in the rear-mounted device, and celestial bodies and hell equipment are also very popular in general. For weapons and shields, "flashy" is the name of the game, and people prefer the "relatively simple effect" of the portal. There is even a list of categories for hiding tags, hiding places, and other microtransactions (such as skin transfers and character slots).

    If you are a "Path Of Exile" fan, it may be nice to look at the list and determine whether your preferences follow the most popular trends, or whether you tend to deviate from established norms. Some players do not like how they look like everyone else, but at least they will never be trapped by the green rabbit suit, because these costumes can be exchanged for POE currency. In the game, POE currency can be obtained through multiple methods, but those currencies obtained through farming are usually very common and cannot be used for advanced handcrafting. With this in mind, you need to use each POE currency reasonably while playing games and maximize them as much as possible, or you can Buy POE Orbs, POE Currency on IGGM, and you will not fall into the dilemma of lack of currency.