Path of Exile's 3.11 expansion may be delayed due to coronaviru

  • Like most other things in the gaming world, Path of Exile's continued development has also been affected by coronaviruses and may cause delays in its next expansion. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic cannot meet the frequent updates and expansions of Path of Exile. Although it is still expected that the 3.11 extension will be released in June, the final release date may not be determined. In the Path of Exile game, Path of Exile Currency, POE Orbs and other props play a big role. They can be used in exchange for props, enhance their own strength, beat BOSS, and successfully pass the level.

    The following is a statement from the Path of Exile website on Monday (emphasis on the developer's statement):

    As you all know, we have completed 8 of the 13 development cycles from home, and the face-to-face group cooperation wastes a lot of our time. Our team works hard to quickly adapt to the new working paradigm, but there are some difficulties in working in this way, which slows down development. Therefore, we have internally postponed the release of the extension from the original release date by one week.

    We currently plan to announce the 3.11 expansion at 2 pm on June 2 approximately two weeks from now. This means that we are working hard to set the PC ’s release date to June 19 and the console ’s release date to June 24. However, due to the current epidemic situation, compared with any expansion in the past, this release is likely to be further delayed.

    And the content of the Path of Exile 3.11 extension is not yet clear, but Shacknews will always follow in its development process. Currently, it is tentatively scheduled for release on June 19. At the same time, Path of Exile's development on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is very strong. Before the expansion of 3.11, players should focus on POE currency. And Path of Exile 2 will also come out. Now is the time to accumulate POE currency. Players can POE Currency Buy on IGGM, which is convenient and safe.