Path of Exile – Next Expansion Will Be Announced in A Few Week

  • When Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile was launched in March, a new peak of concurrent players emerged with the Delirium League. In view of the fact that the alliance has been established for two months, it shows that the next time to challenge the alliance is approaching. The developer stated in a recent forum post that the next expansion and ranking will be announced "within a few weeks". Players of Path of Exile must know that POE Trade Currency is one of the indispensable props for game clearance. It rotates around the sphere and the reel, and it functions when making and enhancing the character ’s equipment. The situation allows the reorganization of the character's passive skill tree.

    This is not the narrowest timetable, but considering the current working situation at home, it makes sense. It will be most interesting to see how "Grinding Gear Games" implement feedback-The Cooked Food Alliance is notorious for performance issues and instability issues. Since then, patches and updates have helped solve the problem.

    At present, Path of Exile 2 is also in production. This time, this new version brings a new Ascendancy class, which not only makes changes in the transmission (such as graphics improvements), but also conducts Beta testing for PCs. But please wait patiently for more updates in the coming months. New challenges are approaching, players should POE Currency Buy, POE Orbs and other props to prepare for Path of Exile 2, and IGGM is the best choice for players.