Path of Exile: The most popular pets, portals, armor and skins

  • The popular Hack and Slay PoE are funded by the sale of cosmetics. You can buy special effects, skill effects, and weapon appearances for your characters to make you special in the game. Players can Buy POE Orbs from IGGM in exchange for these items. Here are the most popular pets, portals, armor and weapon skins in the store.

    The list shows that Weta Pet is the most popular among players. The reason is that it is cheap and you will get a free mystery box when you buy it. The most popular pet sort: Weta Pet, Pet pet, Frog pet, Tmall pet, Scorpion pet, Blue Frog Pet, Fairy Sword Pet, Black cat pet, Innocence Sword Pet, Blood Guard Pigeon, Ghost group.
    The most popular portal
    The black hole effect on the portal is particularly popular. The popularity of portal effects you can buy depends on the age of those effects. The popular order of portals: black hole portal, molding portal, demon king portal, orange portal, steam power portal, ultimate chaotic portal, arctic portal, fire portal, dragon gate, marachai portal

    The most popular armor set
    Hell Armor skin is older, but still the most popular skin. Popular armor sorts: Hell Armor, Demon King Armor, Seraphim Armor, Sky Armor, Arcane Armor, Stygian Armor, Elite Pack, Arctic Armor, Ghost Armor, Vampire Armor.

    The most popular weapon skins
    The crypt sword bears the brunt of weapon skins. It is the weapon skin that you cannot miss in the path of exile skin. Popular weapon skin sorting: Crypt Sword, Colossus Sword Fiery, Angel Dagger, Addition Claw, Dark Prism Weapon, Seraph Sword, Void Emperor Weapon Skin, Warlock Dagger, Kacha Axe, Dragon Hunter Sword.
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