The delusion alliance launched on the Path Of Exile

  • Invited by Grinding Gear Games to watch the action RPGPath Of Exile to visit Delirium League. The game introduces the mechanics of the fog, enhancing the enemy, new skills and new items, POE Currency, and the formula of the sextant merchant.

    The developer reports that in the action RPG Path Of Exile, the Delirium add-on can be used. Now, a brave adventurer can summon an unusual fog at a location, thereby enhancing the strength of the opponent and increasing the value of the reward. The team introduced POE Orbs, seven additional skills, fortune telling cards and POE Items.

    Various errors were corrected and repaired, Acoatl temples were improved, and minor areas of the vagus nerve were reworked. Similarly, the merchant's sextant recipe is back in the game.

    By the way, at the beginning, 237,160 people joined the alliance (this is a new record for users who play PoE at the same time). Due to the influx of large numbers of gamers, developers had to deliberately enter the queue of projects. In the near future, the team will add more servers so that all users have the opportunity to play "Path Of Exile" normally. And Path Of Exile 2 is coming, players can log in to IGGM to buy props, prepare for the new version, Buy POE Currency on the site is cheap, safe transaction, is the first choice for most players.