Path of Exile – Next Expansion Announcement Coming June 2nd

  • Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile will soon announce its next expansion plan. And we mean "soon"-according to community director and producer Bex on Reddit, the expansion will be announced on June 2nd at 2pm PDT. At the same time, the developers will show the upcoming content to various publications. Expanding content is bound to bring a new experience, players can use POE Currency and other props (POE Orbs) to better experience the new section.

    The new extension will be similar in size to Delve, Incursion and Blight, but smaller than Atlas or even Betrayal's Conquerors. It remains to be seen what new mechanism it may introduce. After responding to Delirium, I hope it will not be too complicated or affect performance.

    Although the expansion plan and its next challenge alliance are about to be released, this does not mean that the release date has been determined. Bex said it was "too early" for any "firm confirmation". We have to wait for the actual release before we can see the final release date and prepare for any delays. During this waiting period, all players can do is to accumulate enough POE Currency to prepare for the next season, and the most popular website to POE Currency Buy is IGGM, which provides excellent prices, 5-10 minutes of delivery time, Professional online service and POE Currency refund policy let you enjoy game time!