The release date of the new Path Of Exile has been announced

  • Reddit's Reddit Gear Games Studios announced that it will launch a new Path Of Exile on June 5. Path Of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games is currently developing the second version of the game, but has not forgotten its first version, and is releasing new content for users to release before Path Of Exile 2 release. Whether in the old version or the new version, POE Currency is an important prop in the game. Players can POE Currency Buy on IGGM. The process is safe and fast. I hope you can play with the help of POE Currency and other props (POE Exalted Orb) Have fun.

    According to the latest game news, the heads and producers of the Grinding Gear Games user community have published an article in the Reddit Association, announcing the launch of the new Path Of Exile exhibition. According to Bex, the new expanded version of the game will be introduced to Iran at 1:30 am on June 14.

    The game's future add-on packages are similar in size and dimensions to Delve, Incursio, and Blight add-on packages. Compared with the conquerors of Atlas and Betrayal, users can also expect to use smaller additional components. Unfortunately, it is unclear what the upcoming "Path Of Exile" feature will look like, but based on user feedback from Delirium, we do not expect to see any complicated mechanisms during the game.

    However, it has been announced that it is too early to announce the final release date of this add-on package. Therefore, it is expected that an initial time period will be considered for the new "Path Of Exile" extension, and that users will be able to use the exact release date in the future. During this time, you should prepare enough Path of Exile Currency in advance for the upcoming new version.