Path of Exile: Harvest adds city buildings to action RPG

  • Grinding Gear Games reveals the Path of Exile's summer expansion: harvest. Although this expansion is very novel and more difficult than before, players can Buy POE Currency on IGGM, especially for novice players, who can get started smoothly. The bumper harvest provides players with the opportunity to build their own garden, and can build a complex network of irrigation machinery within the holy forest.

    As an action role-playing game, when the player goes to harvest, the seeds of the plant become active. Once the harvest begins, players will randomly encounter a seed cache in the world-the magical roots will lead the trend, and the new NPC Oshabi provides players with trips to the sacred forest.

    In the middle of each pack of seeds, the player should build a collector. When players go to harvest plants and fight monsters in them, the collector will use the vitality of the seeds. Players can use Lifeforce in several ways, mainly to create powerful new effects on their equipment. In this process, if you use Path of Exile Currency , it will make the player go more smoothly. But Lifeforce can only go so far in the production process, and players will almost always have some left. This is where the system becomes complicated. Some seeds require Lifeforce to start growing from lower-level seeds. Harvest provides wild, primitive and vivid seed types, each creating their own vitality. In order to plant stronger seeds, players need to connect irrigation lines from their collectors to other seed blocks.

    Like all leagues of Path of Exile, players can expect many other changes. There are 12 new unique items in the game, and fully balanced two-handed melee weapons. And props like POE Exalted Orb will play a bigger role. Grinding Gear Games is also re-examining the huge passive skill tree and changing some older options. Delirium will also enter the core game with Harvest. Players can still encounter very difficult cooked food all over the world.