Path Of Exile's Harvest Expansion will be released on June 19

  • Path Of Exile's latest expansion, Harvest, has been announced. It will be available to PC players from June 19, and to Xbox and PlayStation players from June 24. In this update, there are new challenge alliances and visual improvements based on other features. But what remains unchanged is that POE Trade Currency, POE Orbs and other props still play a big role in the player's game exploration process.

    The harvest will rotate around an area called the "Holy Forest", which will provide players with rare items and powerful enemies, making them face down. Exploring new areas will provide you with an item called a seed cache, the content of which must be planted by players in the Holy Grove. Players will be able to take advantage of Grove to customize their version and obtain beneficial items that suit their personal needs.

    In June of this year, the expansion of Path Of Exile will also introduce changes to the current production system. By defeating any monsters in the area, you can use powerful production options to give players a powerful production option, thereby giving players more control over the production in the game. Players must also tend to Grove so that they can reach their full potential. Consider building pipelines, systems and other things to keep harvesting healthy.

    The official initial page of the Harvest extension on the Path Of Exile website contains more information about other ongoing changes to the game, including but not limited to redoing the two-handed weapon system and game performance improvement rate issues related to the framework.

    For those who are full of hope for the future, Path Of Exile2 is still under development, and it is reported that it will solve all the "defects" of the current book title. However, there is no news on the release date. Players can wait for the anticipation and POE Currency Buy to prepare for the upcoming new version.