Path Of Exile new league will add 12 unique items to the game

  • In addition to the new mechanism introduced in Harvest, the new league will also add 12 unique items to the game, some of which will be rewards for the league itself, and players can also use POE Currency to redeem these items. Grinding Gear Games showed two of them, which can inspire your appetite and players can pass.

    Doryani is the first new unique item, a prototype unique armor. In the design of this item, it focuses on the formation of lightning. First, it only allows you to cause lightning damage-crucially, it does not convert your damage to lightning, it just means that all non-lightning damage in your building has disappeared.

    However, to make up for this, all enemies will have the same lightning resistance as you-so if you keep your resistance low, you can cause amazingly high lightning damage to the enemy, obviously you will be vulnerable Lightning damage. The last feature to consider is that ordinary armor will enhance your lightning protection, but as a caster, it is difficult to equip particularly strong equipment. If you use the power of POE Currency and POE Exalted Orb at the same time, you will have a very unique and powerful new PoE version.

    Another new unique item is Storm Secret Unique Ring, which is designed for Herald Bomber. By increasing the frequency of electric shocks, this ring essentially enhances a general practical skill called the Thunderbolt Pioneer, allowing you to use it as the main source of damage, as it will constantly repel enemies around you.

    GGG aims to bring lovers of two-handed weapons into the battlefield through a series of subtle skill adjustments and attribute upgrades. Two-handed weapons are fully polished and have improved passive skills to support them, but the most important adjustment is that some melee skills have been re-transformed into Grand Slam skills, which is more beneficial for two-handed construction.

    For example, the auxiliary POE Orbs of "Fist of War" is designed to work with two-handed weapons. This will increase the intensity of the attack, make the spirit appear above your head every few seconds, and help you get rid of the dilemma by enhancing the attack power. Although this gem can be used with one-handed weapons, its effect is much weaker than with two-handed weapons, because it can only help one attack.

    With the release of Harvest and Heap, there are many other adjustments that need to be explored, so when downgrading from 3.11, POE players still have a lot of expectations, and now it is time for you to Buy POE Currency on IGGM to upgrade yourself.

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