Path of Exile: Harvest DLC announced

  • Harvest, Path of Exile's new expanded version will be released on Xbox One and PS4 on June 19 and the week after. If you want to play better in the new expansion, then you can use the power of POE Trade Currency. Harvest brings new game elements into the world of "War Break". Players will assist Osabi to explore the mysterious power of her sacred jungle. Growing wild gardens can unlock powerful manual options, and these expansions were unmatched in the past.

    Players can find and open seed warehouses throughout the land. These seeds can be brought into the woods, planted, and encouraged to grow, and when ready to harvest, powerful beasts will be discovered. After killing these beasts, you can extract their vitality to achieve a powerful craft, or used to grow exotic crops.

    Path of Exile: The main features of the harvest include:

        Download and play all content for free, but never pay.
        The Harvest Challenge Alliance and its powerful production system.
        Four new Warcry skills, and the transformation of three existing skills.
        Three new brands, one brand supports POE Orbs, and has transformed existing brands.
        New "Grand Slam" skill category, including news Grand Slam skills and auxiliary gems. Renovate an existing Grand Slam.
        Dynamically rebalance existing gameplay.
        More than 50 unique products and 12 new products have been improved.
        Passive skill tree transformation
        r deliberate core game integration

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