Scrub game rebalances 50 items on the path of exile

  • Path of Exile is known for its Diablo-like procedural action adventures, with a ridiculously large passive skill tree and POE Orbs fixed on weapons and armor. Despite recent development difficulties during the pandemic, Grinding Gear Games is still making progress and has shared ten items that are being adjusted: five weapons, two POE Orbs, amulets, a pair of boots and a shield,

    Hotfooted gems are even faster, and it is now possible to increase their spawn by up to 20%, which now applies to spell casting and attack speed. This is very useful for "Path of Exile: Harvest", where players will cultivate enemies for their vitality, but with the help of POE Trade, players will greatly enhance their strength.

    The amulet Ungil's Harmony has lost the critical strike bonus by 25%, but now makes the critical hit no damage. However, the result is that it now provides up to 350% chance of a fatal blow. This is very useful for characters who may have other passive skills or abilities, and these abilities or abilities have a certain effect and will be activated on critical strike.

    One of the enhanced weapons is the "Brain Rattlesnake", increasing its chance of causing a devastating electric shock from 15% to 50% and increasing the electric shock damage by 300%. Pikachu will be proud of this. If you want to cause as much lightning damage as possible, you must defeat the Path of Exile leader known as the Minotaur Guardian and hold the mace with both hands.

    The scepter restricted by the Alliance is called the "Dark Prophet" and has been changed to suit the name. In addition to being able to blind enemies 10% of the time, the weapon now also enables players to be immune to blindness, and can apply a powerful Malediction debuff to enemies for the duration of the blinding effect. By the way, although 50 items on the road to exile are balanced, players can still Buy POE Currency on IGGM to greatly improve their gaming experience.