The Path Of Exile this week: the upcoming harvest

  • Harvest hopes to change the RPG in a unique way by introducing farming and manual systems that enable players to obtain resources. According to Grinding Gears, players will be able to build their own farms, called "Holy Grove". Here, players can use the power of props such as POE Currency and POE Orbs to quickly plant various monsters that can be destroyed and become vitality.

    Lifeforce will act as a production resource, enabling players to build different things. For example, if the player has enough vitality, they may be able to sacrifice the map to obtain three missions from Alva, convert a pile of motor oil into other types of motor oil, and so on. As a result, players are motivated to continue planting and harvesting monsters to gain enough vitality to make this kind of production.

    This brings great potential to players at any stage of the game. New players can use better resources to upgrade faster, intermediate players can access more valuable tasks with less effort, and eventually players can accumulate valuable currency to upgrade their equipment.

    Of course, it remains to be seen how convenient this will be. Some fans expressed concern that this farming technique would result in a lot of farming. It is unclear how much vitality is needed for production, and how much vitality is obtained from living things. It's not even clear what the time requirement is, whether it requires hands-on operation or something that happens passively in the background. But there is no doubt that players can Buy POE Currency to quickly cultivate and harvest.

    There is no doubt that this is definitely a league, it will bring great changes to the players, but whether this will bring addictive game fun, or whether it will be boring, it remains to be seen.