Preview: Path of Exile: Harvest – PS4

  • Harvest is Path of Exile's next challenge alliance. Like previous versions, Path of Exile Currency still plays an important role in the game. It will reach PS4 in the week of June 22. Like the previous update, it brings new items and some changes to the entire game, but it is a new mode that allows players to better control loot (POE Orbs, etc.), thus making this BAFTA award-winning game Becomes very interesting.

    The newly updated content is mainly aimed at a character named Oshabi. She is interested in supernatural things, but not in her ethnic Azmeri. They drove her out. Later, Oshabi's curiosity prompted her to discover a magical place-Sacred Grove. You will be able to grow magical plants in this garden and bring you some benefits.

    These plants are not just for showing your green thumb. In every area of ??the game, you will find a seed cache. The seeds you collect can be planted in the holy bush. Growing will take time, and activating new seed caches worldwide will cause a unit time to progress in the holy bush.

    After filling the meter, your plants can be harvested, this is the magical place. After activating the collector you built nearby, monsters will pop out of your plants, and you will eliminate the pests in these gardens. The collector will accumulate the vitality of the defeated monster, and the unprocessed vitality can be used to make powerful updates. These updates depend on the type of seed you use, so you can start making items with the desired attributes.

    The idea here is to make your return more on quality than quantity. After defeating the monster, you will still receive items, but items in the Holy Grove area will be reduced. The trade-off is that everything becomes more valuable and more customizable, and the value will only increase if your participation in the new mechanism is higher. But if you buy poe currency, with its help, the return will be more.

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