Path of Exile: The harvest on June 19 will make you a gardener

  • Path of Exile's next expansion (harvest) will provide adventurers with a garden to nurture and relax inside. It's time to hang the axe and pick up the garden shears.

    However, you should always prepare the axe and keep it nearby, because you will plant monsters instead of beautiful flowers, and you must defeat them and consume their lives. First, you need to go out and explore, looking for a cache containing seeds that will eventually grow into monsters. If you use the power of POE Trade and POE Orbs, you can quickly plant monsters, thereby skipping the tedious and long cultivation process.

    If you defeat a monster in the sacred jungle, you will get a new crafting option, you can use them, but it will cost you a lot of life. This means that you need to continue to feed and absorb more and more monsters so that you can continuously improve your equipment.

    You can pierce some seeds underground and grow them without much attention, but some seeds are special. You need to build condensers, diffusers and collectors, these tools will make your garden more fertile. In other words, you may need to harvest monsters from easy-to-grow seeds and use their vitality to grow the crops you need.

    At the same time, the harvest has brought us a series of changes that have nothing to do with gardening or monster sacrifice. The huge passive skill tree has been updated and various skills have been enhanced to support things like two-handed weapons and new skill sets. In addition to changes in passive skills, two-handed weapons will benefit from transforming a range of melee skills into slam skills, while existing slam skills are satisfied through new visual effects and more practical improvements.

    The war has also been redesigned and will now be adjusted according to the power of surrounding enemies. Four new members have also been added to the list. The brand has also been strengthened, three new brands have been added, and existing brands have been transformed.

    In terms of unique products, 50 unique products are being re-made, and you will be able to use 12 new products. So far, the items displayed by Grinding Gear have a lightning theme, such as Doryani's Prototype, which is a breastplate that prevents you from causing any non-lightning damage and gives nearby enemies the same lightning resistance as you force. Then comes the Boots of Destruction, which increases lightning damage while moving and drops the shocked ground, which lasts for a few seconds. If you Buy POE Currency on IGGM, you will get these unique products easily.

    Although the Delirium League is coming to an end, it will continue to exist as Delirium and Cluster jewelry are added to the core game. Grinding Gear believes that it has a good stacking ability with other mechanics, so when there are many alliance mechanics in the area, it is expected that Delirium will gain more.