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Path of Exile Harvest: Three things you needs to know

  • "Path of Exile: Gain" has been released for more than two months. It marks the end of an alliance and the rise of a new alliance. Players will harvest the enemy’s POE Currency to make powerful items in the new Harvest Alliance. Here are three things about expanding and challenging the alliance.

    The brand is a unique spell in the road of exile, attached to the monster and detonated to produce a powerful effect. This type of spell is undergoing some major changes, and some new types of brands have been tried.

    The frequency of recalling brands can be reduced, and when the monster dies, the brand will land in its original location instead of below it. Although these are undoubtedly large-scale nerfs, GGG added two new brand types to keep the game style interesting. The behavior of the penance brand is like a trap, causing harm in a short time before detonating. The Arcanist brand activates the supported spells, which should allow some powerful spells to work in synergy, otherwise it will not be possible.

    Without new unique experiments to try, this will not be the path of exile. In addition to using 12 new unique products, GGG also overhauled more than 50 unique products that were below the standard.

    One of the new uniqueness is the prototype of Doryani. This unique armor can reduce lightning damage while simultaneously exerting lightning resistance on enemies near the user. Players run with negative lightning resistance to maximize their destructive power, but building enough armor to mitigate this major shortcoming should lead to some unorthodox structures, otherwise it will be impractical.

    Since the birth of the Path of Exile, the war has been in a strange place. Except for Rallying Cry, most of the time their support gains are not so good, so this league will make some major changes to Warcries.

    The war affects the enemy's power, which means that in most cases, the player POE Items Buy will become stronger. Most of the "War" are given a new mechanism of action, in this case the player's attack will cause more damage.