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'Madden NFL 21': EndMaddenMonopoly trends as fans express anger

  • Speaking of “madden”, frustrated gamers accused EA Sports of losing the ball completely.

    On Thursday, EndMaddenMonopoly became popular on Twitter as fans of NFL analog video games continued to express their dissatisfaction with the latest issue of “Madden NFL 21”. This is the second time that angry fans have followed Twitter on the game since the game was released. Earlier this week, #NFLDropEA gained brief attention on social media platforms.

    The game went on sale on August 28 and received a lukewarm welcome from critics. The website received a 63-point rating on the Metacritic website, which gathers reviews from the Internet. Fan comments (also reported on Metacritic) are even worse. “Crazy NFL 21” scored the worst 0.3 out of 10. This rating does not mean that Madden 21 Coins is not useful, but the overall experience of the game.

    The main complaint of the fans this time is that “Madden NFL 21” feels like a roster update of only $60, and EA Sports has not taken any measures to strengthen the franchise model, but focused on passing “code” and “crazy” The ultimate team" model.

    5 years and the same Super Bowl celebration. They want to know why people are tired of this game, copy and paste it into the updated roster, which is not even as good as the roster you see on Operation sports.

    Besides discussing micro-transactions, players also shared various glitches and errors encountered while playing the game. The developer said that we will patch these faults and vulnerabilities. If the player encounters some simple difficulties in the game, Buy MUT Coins may solve them, but if it is a technical problem, you can only rely on the developer.

    Madden 21 needs to fix such games. It’s too unrealistic. I don’t even like this score because it doesn’t even require skill.

    In response to these complaints, EA Sports released an overview of three planned updates, which are specifically for the franchise model and are expected to be launched in the next few months.