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NBA 2K21-How to improve speed, acceleration, strength, vertical

  • When looking at "My Player", you may see trivial "physical" statistics at the beginning and wonder how to improve them. This includes your raw physical abilities: speed, acceleration, strength, verticality and endurance. There are several different ways to improve these stats. In this guide, we will explain how to improve speed, acceleration, strength, verticality and endurance in NBA 2K21 My Pro/My Player.

    To upgrade speed, acceleration, strength, verticality and endurance, you need to use VC to purchase NBA 2K21 MT, and you need to collect "My Points" to upgrade the attribute limit and get more available upgrades. When you raise the upper limit and purchase new upgraded products, you will naturally increase these five physical characteristics.

    Obviously, the easiest way is to buy a VC. Since you can only perform a certain number of upgrades before the upgrade limit, you will eventually fall into a situation where you cannot get enough VCs to fill all the upgrades. If you are honing my career, the best way is to play games and practice.

    You can visit the Gatorade training institution at any time to quickly switch to this body data. You can improve your physical condition by participating in the training of this game every week. To enter the Gatorade training facility, please look for the Gatorade logo nearby. By entering the building, you can play many different mini games.

    These physical attributes can only be improved once every 7 days, and you only have one chance. Based on your performance in these exercises, you can achieve higher levels of improvement throughout the week.

    After the release of NBA 2K21, the ratings are still relatively good. In this update, players can have more fun, and the star characters are loved by every player. Unlocking these characters will give players greater skills. If you If the level in the game is not high enough, 2K MT can help you upgrade quickly and is your best choice.