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The extension of Path of Exile 3.11 will be postponed because o

  • Many players know that COVID-19 has reduced the pace of life in the outside world. Recently, Path of Exile officially announced that the game update had to be postponed due to COVID-19. In the process of development, the game always pays great attention to the player experience and constantly introduces recent updates and expansions that can attract players. Players’ loyalty to the game is also rising with the sincerity of the game team. Along with this, there is their desire for POE Currency. Although the game officials are trying their best to prevent the delay of the game update, they still have to succumb to the deterrent effect of COVID-19. The 3.11 extension originally scheduled for release in June may not be launched as originally planned.

    The game team said that there are some serious problems with their work now that the update speed of the game has slowed down. Within the team they delayed the plan by a week. But for them now, the new season of POE is coming. The problem is that they still need time to optimize and improve the game. Although they are already trying to avoid this from happening, it happens.

    They were originally scheduled to release the extension of Path of Exile 3.11 at 2 pm on June 2 and the PC version on the 19th and the console version on the 24th. However, players who are limited by the current epidemic trend may have to wait for a while. The release date of the new content is difficult to determine because COVID-19 is too contagious. The content of the current statement is that the original plan may be delayed by one week. But now it seems unlikely to be realized.

    The content of the Path of Exile 3.11 extension is still unclear. The tentative release time is June 19. Delirium’s development situation on various platforms is also very good. Players are therefore increasingly pursuing POE Items. In view of the top price of items sold in game stores, players choose safe and cheap agents to Buy POE Currency. Now the release date of POE new content is getting closer and closer. Come and enjoy the last entertainment of POE this season!