Path of Exile upcoming updates may be suspended for a while

  • Path of Exile, the favorite of ARPG fans, attracts more and more people to join because of its unique game style. Almost every game manufacturer has been more or less affected by COVID-19 since 2020, and POE is no exception. The epidemic made people have to stay at home to get happiness through Path of Exile expansion. The phenomenon brought about by this is that players' demand for POE Currency increases as the game continues to increase in popularity.

    Originally, GGG planned to release the original 3.11 version expansion in June this year. But now it seems unlikely to release as scheduled. Although the game team has completed most of the work of this expansion, it has to be said that many efforts of COVID-19 have been wasted. Now the game team has made changes based on the current situation. Although the work efficiency is not as high as before, they will definitely do their best to maintain the original development speed. Therefore, affected by this, they can only postpone the original expansion release plan for a week. They are currently scheduled to release the PC-side expansion plan on the 19th and the console expansion plan on the 24th. Players have to be mentally prepared for plans that may be delayed.

    Grinding Gear Games declares that in terms of the current complex epidemic situation, the entire game industry must work hard to present the best results to players. Path of Exile2 is not in the official speech. But most players should also be able to guess that the development of POE2 will certainly be delayed for a period of time, which means at least wait until 2021.

    At present, players are still unable to go out for activities. So they still need to make fun of them with the help of interesting extensions in Path of Exile. POE Currency that can help them get the most happiness is the just-needed items in the game. As long as they find the right agent, they can easily get lots of Path of Exile Currency, POE Orbs and POE Items. Moreover, Buy POE Currency will not cost huge amounts of real money at agents with cheap goods. Come and play Path of Exile!