Some suggestions for POE players to plan their gardens properly

  • There are three distinct colors of seeds in Harvest. Distinct colors of seeds correspond to different varieties and grades. Whether they compose it of grains and stems or fruits and seeds are called seeds. Players can store the extra seeds they have collected or sell them to players who are collecting seeds to get the equivalent value of POE Currency.

    The seed cache harvested by players will grow after activation. The only way to make seeds grow faster is to collect more seed caches. After waiting 15 minutes to reset the area, players can start a fresh round of collection. Osabi will also remind players which items are valuable to collect when appropriate. Players can also concentrate on the vitality they harvest to avoid the loss of vitality.

    Players can spend 25 lifeforce to get a life collector. It can not only help players improve the efficiency of harvesting, but also help players plant seeds. However, its disadvantage is that it can cover a small range and is only suitable for level 1 seeds. Or players can spend 30 lifeforce to get a diffuser. It can transfer the surplus vitality of crops to plants that need vitality to facilitate fertilization. It is necessary for players who want to plant seeds of level 2 or higher. They can view the range of influence that the diffuser can cover and make reasonable plans to get the best cultivation of each seed.

    Players can also spend 75 lifeforce to get an oil storage tank placed between the collector and the diffuser to cushion their impact. The most cost-effective planting tool for players is Pylons. It can transfer vitality to the longest distance up to four square kilometers. They are like wires on the street, sending the vitality collected in the collector to the diffuser to let the vitality fully play its role.

    Some players who want to establish an advantage in Harvest are best to adopt these methods. It may be more effective with Buy POE Currency and POE Chaos Orb. It is gratifying that players who love the Delirium League can still enter the game. Players of any platform can now enjoy the fresh fun of Harvest.