Let’s see what included in the patch released by POE a few days

  • Players eager to enter POE Harvest to start the game now have a better game experience thanks to the game team’s perseverance in updating and improving the game. Players who have not yet understood the main content of this update can look to deepen their understanding of the new league so they can easily carry out various activities in the game. The game team made players feel full of sincerity from them. Players are therefore in greater demand for POE Currency.

    Perhaps the most important part is the play team reworking some skills they need to improve. Taking Warcries as an example, players can find more new skills based on the new foundation of the passive skill tree. Even better, players no longer have to go out again after the release of Warcries. Warcries continue to damage enemies. Warcries will automatically increase its power according to the surrounding environment. The most fascinating feature of the player is that once you use it, some damage by your enemies disappears.

    Players with super-defensive characters can use Rallying Cry to attract the attacks of surrounding enemies to create wonderful attack opportunities for their teammates. The gem with level 20 lasts 0.9 seconds longer than the gem with the lowest level, which is 5.9 seconds. In addition, after the players get the buff, the power caused by the equipment will increase by 3% to 20%. Both creeps and weapons can also gain a boost.

    Seeing that the game team has worked so hard for players, many players have expressed their understanding of the game team’s delay plan for POE 2. Now Harvest has become the center of gravity of the players. Some players eager for success will go directly to the agent’s website to Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs. Compared with working diligently in the new league, this method of obtaining POE Currency is quick.